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Business Management


You are in business for yourself!

What now?

At Cameo Wealth & Creative Management, Inc. our goal is to let you focus on your craft while we manage your business. The ability to make money and spend your time doing what you enjoy is an incredible achievement. Therefore, for most service oriented professionals, running the business is not how you want to be spending your time.


We will handle all the operational and functional needs, such as helping you choose and form the best legal entity for your specific needs, maintaining the books & records, processing and paying the bills, filing all necessary federal, state, & local tax forms (including, but not limited to: income tax returns, payroll returns, sales tax returns, Articles or Incorporation or Organization, S-Corp elections, and other various forms).


While tax savings can and will be significant, other services we provide will also save you money. We will establish financial targets and goals to help you prepare and stick to a budget. Retirement planning using tax deferred accounts and maximizing the allowable deductions will be a main objective of our financial plan. We will also facilitate the operations of your business by acting as an intermediary between you and all your trusted advisors: Bankers, Insurance Agents, Legal Counsel, Agents & Managers, Investment Advisors or Brokers, etc.


Our fees are based on a percentage of gross income. This helps keep fees to a minimum when your business is slow and keeps them in line with the amount of our work; more planning and bookkeeping will be required as your transactions increase and become more complicated.


No one is an island and creating strategic alliances and building a support team is crucial to your success. We look forward to working with you and seeing your business and career prosper and grow.


Business management services include, but are not limited to, the following:



· Real-Time Live Bookkeeping Services

· Bill-Paying and Banking

· Payroll Processing and Tax Filings

· Tax Advice, Planning, & Compliance

· Preparation of all Federal and State Income Tax Returns

· Cash Flow Management

· Review of employment contracts for tax efficiency (Coordinated with Agent or Attorney)

· Coordination and Oversight of:

o Estate Planning

o Personal Financial Planning

o Mortgages and Other Liabilities

o Insurance Needs

o Employee Benefit and Retirement Plans